11:30 AM EDT: Transfusion-Related Immunomodulation

Blood transfusion can be a life-saving intervention when necessary. However, transfusion of any blood product comes with the risk of transfusion reaction. Transfusion related-immunomodulation (TRIM) is the modulation of the transfusion recipient's immune response, which results in an increased proinflammatory reaction or immune suppression, leaving the patient at risk of infection. TRIM may have an impact on morbidity in some patient populations. Packed red blood cells, plasma, and platelets are products that, when transfused, can begin the cascade of TRIM. While TRIM is not a common transfusion reaction, it is important for infusion nurses to understand the pathophysiology of TRIM and how it may affect patients. This session will provide an overview of the TRIM response and its impact on patient outcomes.

Learning Outcomes: After the session, attendees will be able to describe the TRIM response and identify patients at greatest risk.

Contact Hours: 1
CRNI® RUs: 2


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