1:30 PM EDT: Inotrope Therapy in Home Infusion and Hospice Care

Inotrope therapy is now administered in the home setting for patients with advanced heart failure, as a bridge to transplantation or palliation of symptoms. Interdisciplinary collaboration is key to the success of inotrope therapy at home and the prevention of hospital readmissions. This session will discuss heart failure etiology, medications used for inotrope therapy, the identification of patients who are appropriate for home inotropic therapy, treatment guidelines, and nursing considerations. The importance of interdisciplinary collaboration throughout the process for a successful care plan and the prevention of hospital readmission will be addressed.

Learning Outcomes: After the session, attendees will be able to identify patients who are appropriate for inotropic therapy at home and discuss nursing considerations for those patients.

Contact Hours: 1
CRNI® RUs: 2


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