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Improvements in Infusion Therapy Using a Collaborative Hands-On Education Approach Clinician competency for managing infusion therapy and vascular access devices (VADs) is essential. This discussion reviews one organization’s education program to guide learners through essential VAD practice content. Learn how you may develop an educational activity to improve clinician competency related to VAD insertion, use, care, and maintenance. 
Learning Outcome: At the conclusion of this educational activity, learners will describe ways to implement VAD insertion, care, use and maintenance education in their practice setting.  

Outdated Short Peripheral Catheter...Outdated Practice? INS Standards state replacing short peripheral intravenous catheters (SPCs) should be based on clinical indications rather than a specific timeframe. A feasibility study gauging clinical nurses' SPC assessment skills was completed before changing the 96-hour site change policy. Online and skills educational programs were offered, but SPC complication rates increased. Subsequently, the infusion therapy team hosted an IV Academy with champions from each unit charged with disseminating information to colleagues. Complication rates decreased. Learn how this organization utilized their infusion therapy team to improve practice and move toward policy change for SPC discontinuation based on clinical indications. 
Learning Outcome: At the conclusion of this educational activity learners will be able to describe how to    approach practice change and new policy adoption in his/her organization.

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