4:00 PM EDT: Solution Room Group #3

Best Practice for Flushing Central Venous Access Devices Flushing central lines is a critical intervention to maintain patency of a central vascular access device (CVAD). Heparinized saline has been the standard solution used for locking CVADs. Recent evidence supports the equivalence of normal saline to heparinized saline in maintaining patency of CVADs. This discussion will review an organization’s practice change for flushing and locking CVADs with normal saline and will include pre and post outcome measures.
Learning Outcome: At the conclusion of this educational activity, learners will be able to discuss current evidence to guide CVAD flushing and locking practice.  

Voices Unheard: Nurses Reporting Workplace Bullying Work place violence, including shootings and suicide has been on the rise over the last several years. Some of these tragic events were related to workplace bullying. During this session, there will be an open discussion to address how workplace bullying should be appropriately handled.  
Learning Outcome: At the conclusion of this educational activity learners will be able to devise a plan to address workplace bullying. 

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