veINS Track: Solutions to Problematic Peripherals

Recorded On: 06/06/2022

With the rapid expansion of an ultrasound to guide vein cannulation, first-time access success rates have improved. However, this has also led to some problematic peripheral vascular access device placements. Due to the invasiveness of the procedure and the risks associated with it, adherence to a systematic process on all cannulation under ultrasound guidance is optimal to promote the success of device utilization and the health of the vein. Proper sequence, prompt assessment, and ongoing evaluation ensure the enhancement of patient satisfaction, reduce risks, and deliver quality of care. 

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, learners will be able to: 

1.     Describe clinical assessment parameters for the difficult intravenous access patient and probe technique that maximizes acoustic return improving visualization

2.     Explain how rounding on all vascular access devices (VAD) has reduced our incidence for complications as it relates to the appropriate device

3.     Verbalize common problems associated with ultrasound-guided peripheral intravenous catheter and midline insertions 

4.     Discuss how disseminating the standards of practice with proper technique and VAD knowledge contributes to better outcomes

​Joseph Bunch

Joseph Bunch has been a noteworthy leader, CEO, and business owner for many years. He currently works at ProVasc Solutions LTD, a Chicagoland based vascular access group and the area’s only complete vascular access solution. Responsible for the strategic direction, vision, and clinical performance of his group, Joseph maximizes operational excellence within some of the region’s leading health care institutional networks. His focus and leadership have expanded beyond the boundaries of traditional industry standard with initiatives that have a lasting impact on patient care.

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