Episode 41: May 1, 2019 - Inside the Lines: Maintaining Professional Boundaries

You can be friendly AND professional: understanding professional boundaries. 

Rachel Colletta, BSN, IgCN, CRNI®, VA-BC

Director of Professional Education, Life Science Company

Rachel Colletta, BSN, IgCN, CRNI, VA-BC, is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in a variety of specialties including trauma/ICU, medical devices, and home infusion therapy.  The majority of her career has been spent in the infusion industry both as a home infusion nurse and a nurse educator for a manufacturer of plasma products.  Rachel carries certifications in IG therapy, infusion therapy, and vascular access. She has served on planning and educational committees for both IgNS and INS.  Rachel's passion for education and knowledge led her to her most recent role as director of professional education at a life science company.  Rachel is a graduate of LaRoche college and, most recently, Walden University.

Host: Dawn Berndt, DNP, RN, CRNI® – INS Infusion Nurse Educator

Guest: Rachel Colletta, BSN, IgCN, CRNI®, VA-BC

Professional boundaries are the spaces between the nurses’ power and the patients’ vulnerability. In all relationships between health care professionals and patients, there is an imbalance of power. Health care professionals have in-depth access to patients’ sensitive personal information and that puts the professional in a position of power. It is important for health care professionals to understand the boundaries of these relationships and to maintain the space that protects the privacy and dignity of patients under their care. This podcast defines and describes the types of professional boundaries and strategies to maintain therapeutic relationships.


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