INS Virtual Infusion Education is a platform designed to deliver evidence-based infusion programming virtually to attendees around the world. Programming is presented to a live audience and streamed simultaneously to a virtual audience. The program is recorded and available on-demand. CRNI® units earned from this category can be used to fulfill the requirement of attending an INS national meeting.

Virtual Infusion Education

  • Virtual Conference: Culture of Collaboration in Infusion Therapy

    Nurses are in the “bull’s eye” of the health care paradigm that is the “triple aim” of transformative changes in health care: improved patient satisfaction, improved outcomes, and reduction of health care costs. The transition of infusion therapy between care units and departments in the acute care setting may also need to continue to settings outside of hospital walls including home care, ambulatory care, and long-term care. The unique skill set of the infusion nurse ensures that patients and families requiring continued infusion therapy, are connected to resources that enable successful navigation through a complex system.

  • Virtual Conference: Infusion Nursing: Why We Do What We Do

    More than 90% of all hospitalized patients require some form of infusion therapy, and a growing number of patients are receiving infusion therapy outside an acute care setting. Today’s track will feature expert infusion nurses who will answer common practice questions, as well as provide foundational information about fluids and electrolytes and pain management strategies.

  • Virtual Conference: Are you Ready for USP General Chapter ?

    This program will provide an in-depth understanding of USP and its role in advancing public health safety for patients and health care personnel. Presenters will review challenges and risks, as well as provide guidance on how to safely handle HDs as defined by USP General Chapter standards, which become enforceable in December 2019.

  • Virtual Conference: Risky Business in Infusion Therapy

    Risk is inherent to any specialty and clinical practice setting. Infusion therapy is no exception. This virtual program will speak to some of these risks and how best to identify and mitigate them.

  • Virtual Conference: The Spectrum of Sepsis

    Early recognition and treatment of sepsis is critical to surviving this life-threatening syndrome. Each year in the United States, sepsis claims more lives than breast cancer, prostate cancer, and HIV combined. Those who survive face chronic physical, cognitive, and psychological challenges as a result of the damage caused by the body’s response to the simplest infections. The sessions presented provide an opportunity to learn about the battle against this life-threatening condition—from diagnosis to discharge and beyond.

  • Virtual Conference: Vascular Access

    As the field of infusion therapy continues to evolve and change, an infusion nurse must stay abreast of changes to support positive patient outcomes. With evidence-based practice guiding standards and policies and procedures for the specialty, nurses are in a position to take evidence to the practice setting. From selecting vascular access devices to assessing the performance of the infusion therapy team, this virtual program presents today's infusion nurse with evidence and best practices to monitor and manage patients, devices, and outcomes.