Episode 62: May 13, 2020 - Ownership of Nursing Practice and the Importance of Certification

Ownership of practice and the importance of Certification – a discussion with INS CRNI® Award Recipient, Elizabeth Dow and her nominator, Randall Barnes.

Elizabeth Dow, MSN, CRNI®, IGCN, VA-BC

Chief Nursing Officer, IV Solutions

Elizabeth Dow, MSN, CRNI®, IGCN, VA-BC, is the Chief Nursing Officer for IV Solutions. She leads a multi-state team of mobile infusion nurses, servicing the vascular access and specialty infusion needs of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Michigan. Previously, Beth had served as nursing manager and specialty service coordinator for several large home care agencies. 

Beth transitioned to infusion and vascular access after exhaustive service as a wound care nurse. She received her BSN from Emmanuel College in Boston and MSN from Southern New Hampshire University; she is currently in pursuit of a second master’s degree in health sciences. Beth carries national certifications in all the specialties she practices including CRNI®, IGCN and VA-BC. 

Randall E. Barnes, RN, VA-BC, CRNI®

President and CEO, IV Solutions

Randall E. Barnes, RN, VA-BC, CRNI®, is the President and CEO of IV Solutions. Randall is a balanced, experienced and published Registered Nurse, with over 20 years of Clinical Experience including Prehospital, ER Trauma and ICU. Additionally, was a Clinical Educator for a worldwide Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter manufacturer. Randall is the President of the New England Chapter of Infusion Nurses Society and continues to lead the way in building a strong legacy for the future of infusion nurses. He is Board Certified in Vascular Access and has assisted in the development of the Association for Vascular Access certification exam. He is a decorated United States Air Force Veteran, father of three and a proven leader. 

Host: Dawn Berndt, DNP, RN, CRNI® – INS Clinical Education & Publications Manager


• Elizabeth Dow, MSN, CRNI®, IGCN, VA-BC
• Randall E. Barnes, RN, VA-BC, CRNI®, - President and CEO of IV Solutions

Want to get excited about Infusion Nursing? Listen to this encouraging, dynamic conversation with Elizabeth (Beth) Dow and Randall Barnes, who encourage all nurses to “own their practice, have command of knowledge, pursue certification and advance the nursing profession.” Beth Dow is the award recipient of the INS Award for Excellence in Certification. This award is presented to a CRNI® whose certification through INCC has advanced the welfare of their patients, organization or the infusion specialty.


·      CRNI Certification: https://www.ins1.org/crni-certification/

·      Certification Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.ins1.org/crni-certification/information/frequently-asked-questions/

·      CRNI Certification: https://www.ins1.org/crni-certification/information/study-information/ CRNI Resource Information: https://www.ins1.org/crni-resources/